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Hi! You have landed on MekulTEK, one of the 1.37 billion webpages in the world! We focus on mainly on Apple and its products. We don’t also deliver the news, we give our thoughts on what the news is!

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4 thoughts on “Welcome to MekulTEK!

    1. Great question Matt!
      One of the advantages of iOS are that users report a superior UX on iOS 7.
      Also, iOS offers greater stability than devices on Android which means iOS devices have fewer virus vulnerabilities (Android systems can get viruses more easily and there are many viruses like Trojan Horse viruses – nasty!).

      Some advantages of Android (which I’m sure owners of Android know) are that devices that run Android are cheaper and that Android is more customisable on it’s home screen and that you can have animated wallpapers. But despite these advantages of Android, Apple’s iOS offers greater stability and security and that is what I care about the most because I don’t want anyone to see what my personal information is.

      Thanks Matt and I might post more on this topic soon. Stay tuned!


  1. Thanks, some interesting points. The Apple v Android debate is always a long and interesting one. Maybe for my next phone purchase I’ll look at Apple 🙂


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