App Santa offers Christmas discount specials to iOS apps


Christmas is coming around the corner (4 more days…) and people are still doing Christmas shopping. But if your looking for some apps on the App Store, App Santa, a collaborative campaign between a small group of award-winning app developers, launched today, with some great discounts off a handful of apps created by App Santa.

Get them while you can as these are fantastic prices and these are great apps. List is down below.

1Password — $9.99
Tweetbot 3 — $1.99
Launch Center Pro — $2.99
Perfect Weather — $1.99
Clear+ —$1.99
Calendars 5 — $2.99
Mileage Log+ — $4.99
Vesper — $2.99
Delivery Status — $2.99
Scanner Pro — $2.99
PCalc — $6.99
Day One – $2.99
Printer Pro — $2.99
PDF Converter — $2.99
Screens VNC — $14.99


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