Xbox One: Review

When you hear Xbox you think about games, right? Well, when I played around with it, I realised it just wasn’t that. It was Kinect, the Voice Control, the graphics, the apps. That’s what the Xbox One is all about. I would say, “Think out of the box.”

The Setup

The Mekul Difficulty: Easy

Well, this was annoying. When I got the Xbox console out of the box, connected all the cords, put batteries in the controller, I wanted to get started right away, but when I turned it on, I was hit with a 100 mb update. So, I did. Luckily, my Internet is relatively fast, even on 2/5 bars, which was good. After that comes the boring stuff (time zone, language, account, etc.)

The Games

Well, I only had one game. Forza Motorsport 5. I inserted the disk and it hummed. It asked me if I wanted to Install Forza (which was 6 GB), and I hit the wrong button and it started installing. So I decided to wait around. When it finished installing, I clicked on the tile. The game loaded pretty quickly. I first listened to Jeremy Clarkson from TopGear UK talking about cars and before you knew it, I was playing the game. Honestly, this game had the best graphics. It was so real! I believe that there are quite a few games for Xbox One, like Ryse, but there will be more to come, like Minecraft, in the future.

The Interface

The interface is so smooth and so simple! When you turn it on, there is no buttons, you just run your finger over the power symbol and it turns on. Speakers are installed in the console for sound effects. On the actual Menu, it is simple. Squares and rectangles are on the screen.


Well, this was good. Kinect is so good at just those simple things like you put up your hand and you can enter an app without the controller. Also, when you walked into the room where your Kinect is, it automatically logs in and recognises you. I tested it with another person and it worked! Kinect is also the main microphone for voice commands. So if you say, “Xbox go to Forza Motorsport 5,” it will go in the game. You can also record the screen for a maximum of 5 minutes.

The Bad

  • Slow on Startup.
  • Controllers still use Batteries.
  • Xbox Live required for some Apps.
  • Xbox Live Gold subscription cost more than PS Plus.
  • The Good

  • Kinect is great especially when I walked in the camera space and it recognised me.
  • Kinect is good for commands like answering a Skype call, entering a game.
  • Lots of Storage.
  • Great graphics.
  • You can record Xbox’s screen for a maximum of 5 minutes.
  • The Verdict

    I am a Apple guy, but then again, I like Microsoft. Well, I can’t compare this to the PS4 because I don’t have one. I recommend you to read Tech Radar’s review of the PS4. I have never owned an Xbox, and this is a great game console and I recommend you get it. It cost $599/£489 and it is totally worth it.

    The Mekul Rating:



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