CES 2014 Update

Hey! Mekul here. So I was writing Day 2 of the CES 2014 and my computer crashed not saving what I was writing. I managed to recover some of what I was writing but I realised I may as well just do one post on what was revealed at the CES 2014. See you later!


3 thoughts on “CES 2014 Update

  1. MrMekul, it’s a shame your system crashed.

    I look forward to your views of the final wrap-up.

    ps. When are more games going to be released on Xbox one and is it true that the graphics are better on the xbox one than on PSP4?


    1. Hi Tech Pro. Thanks for commenting. Answering your question, there will be more games released for the Xbox One soon like Tomb Raider. PS4’s games have better graphics compared to the Xbox One, but there is not much difference. The Xbox One has 900p and the PS4 has 1080p. Keep tuned! Mekul


      1. Mekul, it’s true that the PS4 runs natively at a maximum 1080p, but the Xbox One clearly has a better frame rate, which gives a much better “picture” – see for instance, Call of Duty: Ghosts.

        (I thought I’d add my view).


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