What was presented at the CES 2014

Well, well, well! What a show. With curving TV’s amazing computers, wearables, surely you must be dreaming! But these are all true. So this is what was presented at the CES 2014.

The Simple Computer

Razer Project Christine

Razer has started a project called Project Christine. It is a user friendly DIY computer tower. You can pull for example, RAM and replace the RAM with a little hard drive.

The NEW Oculus


Palmer Luckey’s virtual reality headset impressed us as a low-resolution prototype. It blew our minds again when Oculus VR improved it with an HD display. Now, the company has taken it a step further, with an even better screen, less motion blur and positional-tracking technology.

105″ Curved Samsung TV

Curved TV 105"

Do you have AU$100,050 and have a huge living room? Great! Samsung claims this TV is the ‘most curved’ that’s been made. It is probably the largest TV I have seen. Unfortunately, it’s too big to view today’s TV content. But that doesn’t matter, because when it is released, the TV will probably support the size.

Samsung Note Pro, Tab Pro

Note Pro

Samsung is increasing the line of Note and Tab’s by now making ‘Pro’ versions of these two devices. The new Galaxy Tab Pro will be available in three sizes — 8.4-inch, 10.1-inch, and 12.2-inch — while the Galaxy Note Pro will only be available in the 12.2-inch size. All four tablets have 2560 x 1600 pixel displays, Android 4.4 KitKat, Wi-Fi and LTE options, and 8-megapixel rear cameras as well as 2-megapixel front cameras.

Samsung Smart Home

Samsung Smart Home

Samsung annouced that the Smart Home’s functionality will offer users to control and manage the home devices through a single app by connecting personal and home devices including refrigerators, washing machines, smart TVs, digital cameras, smartphones and the Galaxy Gear.

Samsung Curving TV

Curving TV Samsung

You have probably read the curved 105″ TV at the top. Well this one is a little different. This actually curves on demand! I do not know the dimensions but it is seriously insane.

Here is a look at the Samsung Keynote made by macmixing

Split Difference

ASUS Transformer Duet

It can be so frustrating when you don’t like the operating system that your computer has and then you change it and then you change it again. I like what ASUS has done with its ASUS’ Transformer Book Duet. It can run Android 4.2 and Windows 8.1. ASUS has done this before but I am wondering how fast can it boot up when it has 2 operating systems installed.

Lousy Parker

BMW i3 Electric Car Parking Assist

BMW’s self-driving cars may not be ready for buyers until 2020, but its ConnectedDrive parking technology is ready right now. You can buy a parking package for the BMW i3, that costs $1,000.  At the push of a button using ultrasonic sensors, the car will both find and then park itself in a spot. Self-parking cars aren’t new, but the BMW i3 does the procedure perfectly and doesn’t need driver’s effort on acceleration or braking.


iRing Green

iRing is a cool music controller or a music maker called iRing Music Maker, similar to Grooves. You can make sounds, block sounds and more. You can do anything with the iRing so long if it is a music app. Here is a video from macmixing.

PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now is a game streaming service that will stream at 720p. You do not require any hardware, just a PS3 or a PS4. You can play PS3 or PS4 games. PlayStation says that you only need 5mb of internet to play games.

An Interesting Concept for a Phone

Eco-Mobius ZTE

ZTE showcased a concept for a modular phone called Eco-Mobius. I think ZTE is trying to take on Phonebloks (I will post something on that later) because the idea will start to spread, fast, very fast. If you don’t know what a modular phone is, it is a phone where you replace different parts (eg. RAM, camera, battery, etc.) This is kind of like Project Christine

Cheap and Great

Sony has unveiled a really great 4K camera that is cheap and cheerful. Yes it is $1,999 but it is cheap for its kind. Usually you would have to pay $10,000 to $50,000 for a 4K camera.

Thanks for reading. Mekul


7 thoughts on “What was presented at the CES 2014

  1. Way to go Mekul!
    Impressive wrap up of CES 2014. Great job.
    You didn’t mention, though, Michael Bay’s incapacity to string a sentence without a TelePrompTer!
    Keep up the good work.


  2. Unbelievable!
    Great reading and plenty of stuff to look forward to.
    Keep up the good work!
    ps. Samsung (and any other sponsor) will need to think really carefully about having Bay involved with any of their products….walking off with a hung head because he follow a TelePromTer….


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