Box revamps apps UI to iOS 7 and offers 50GB of free storage.

What a surprise. Ok, not to the apps UI is updated to iOS 7. More and more apps are doing that. But 50GB of free cloud storage is amazing! But put the exciting news to the end.

Box has revamped the app’s UI to iOS 7 and it looks really good. Nothing has changed, just the UI. Have a look at the photos. Off topic, most people actually dislike the UI of iOS 7. People like iOS 6’s UI. Personally, I like iOS 7 UI because I think Apple has gone for a different approach to their style. Here are some screenshots of Box from the App Store.Box Screenshot 2

Box iOS 7

Now lets put the exciting news simply. Yes, 50GB of cloud storage, for free, is available for 30 days only. So be quick. Download Box for free here. That’s it!

Here is the full update notes:

・Completely re-written app!
・New navigation and redesigned UI
・New preview experience for documents, photos and videos
・Faster document rendering and photo loading
・Real-time search (for files and within files)
・Better sharing and controls
・AirPrint, Bookmarks, and savings videos from Box to your library coming in future releases

Well that’s it folks. Mekul signing off!


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