Mekul’s iDevice Battery Saving Tips

Hey everyone! Mekul’s back with another post, today on how to save your iDevice’s battery with these simple steps! So, without further ado, let’s get started!


To save some battery life, turn down the brightness to an appropriate level for you to see, otherwise you could be wasting your battery. To set your brightness level on iOS 7, swipe up to Control Centre and set your brightness there, but if you are on iOS 6 or below, go to Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper.

The Loop

To keep your iDevice’s battery fresh, you need to do in what I call ‘the loop’. You should only do this every month or so or when you notice that you’re iDevice is draining battery faster than usual. Charge your iDevice to 100% and then drain it to 0%. Charge it back up to 100% and you are done!

Use Games and Other High Storage Apps Efficiently

Anything like GTA or Asphalt 8 drains your battery fast. So use them only when you need to and close them properly by double tapping the home button, in iOS 7 swipe the app up to close, in iOS 6 hold the app until delete icons appear and close your app.

Keep your iDevice out of Extreme Heat

Your iDevice might overheat and could actually drain your battery because it is trying to keep your device going.

That is it for this post. Sorry I have not been posting a lot, but stay tuned as more posts will be coming throughout the week! Signing off, Mekul.


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