iWatch: My Thoughts

Hey everyone! Mekul is back with some of my thoughts on the highly rumoured iWatch that Apple could be developing. iWatch is rumoured to be working with iOS 8’s new Healthbook app. If you want to read my thoughts continue.

Is it actually going to come out?

Yes. Definitely. I mean it hasn’t actually been officially announced that the iWatch will come out but Apple has picked up two previous Nike FuelBand engineers and presumably are in the iWatch team. Reports have been saying that the iWatch will be going into production. Apple will only make the iWatch’s if people want to buy it.

What do you want it to look like?

I’d like it to be a bit like Samsung’s Galaxy Gear watch because it would have a bigger screen, easier to read information and all that.

How much do you think it will cost?

It is a very complex accessory so I think because of that, around about $150.00 40% to build, 50% for Apple and 10% for the people who build it.

Would you buy it?

Depends. If it only has features for the HealthBook app then no, but if it has features like make phone calls, send messages, play games then yes I would consider it.

Thanks for reading. Mekul


One thought on “iWatch: My Thoughts

  1. We all know the iPhones are going to be a little bigger, probably a better camera and different colours as nothing significant changes anymore. The iPads are going to probably be the same apart from they’ll have the fingerprint scanner on. They need to bring Steve Jobs back from the dead because their ‘innovation’ stopped when he died.


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