Nearly half of iOS devices in the world run iOS 8

It is more than a week after the iOS 8 release and 46% of Apple devices are on iOS 8 have visited the App Store recently says a dashboard on Apple’s App Store distribution developer page. 

You might be wondering how Apple record this data. Well the data of the adoption rates is based on how many people access the App Store after 21 September, 2014 running iOS 8. 

The usage of iOS 7 devices has gradually dropped down to 49% usage after iOS 8’s release. Another 5% of all Apple devices are on iOS 6 or lower. However, last year when iOS 7 was released, within a week, 52% of Apple devices were found using iOS 7. However, Apple staged the release of iOS 8 could explain why the adoption rates are so slow. 

Many users saw a message saying “Update Requested,” and down below it said “Your software update request has been received. You will be notified when the update has been downloaded is ready to install.” This stage to iOS rollout could be due to the large file size and massive demand of iOS 8 on its servers.

Since the release of iOS 8, Apple’s App Store review team seems to have slowed down as only 74% of app updates and 53% have been reviewed of the apps that Apple have been sent in. 

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you later. Mekul


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