Xbox Kinect being used to monitor DMZ

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Who knew that the Koreans liked Xbox? Maybe people just want to play games on the Xbox while the Kinect keep an eye on the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ)!

The Korean army are now using Xbox 360 Kinect to keep an eye on the DMZ. Apparently, Microsoft’s Xbox can tell the difference between the movement of an animal and a human.

If a human is detected it will send a colony to the area. The technology was alternated by a South Korean programmer, Ko. Ko, aged 39, said that the Kinect could sense the sound, movement and direction of anybody attempting to cross the DMZ.


Ko says he is planning to update the existing Kinect-based sensors to a version capable of detecting heart rates and reading body temperature, features that Microsoft added to the Xbox One.

“For its price, the device is very accurate and effective in covering vulnerable areas,” Ko said.

Thanks Jon, for pointing this article out!