Haiku Deck: Make slideshows beautifully

It is hard to find a better app other than Apple’s Keynote for presenting slideshows, but today that is going to change. Haiku Deck, a third party app that has a tonne of features that can make your slideshows better. Without further ado, let’s start the review.


This is what makes Haiku great. The first thing that you do when you download this app is creating an account. You can sign in with your Facebook or Twitter account also. Once creating your account you have two pre-installed ‘Decks’ telling you what is Haiku Deck and the app in action. Tap the plus button to make a new deck.


The picture above is the first thing that you will see when you create a deck. On the left you can see you have a text button, picture, layout and notes button. You press the picture button to add pictures off Haiku Deck’s wide selection of photos (all photos that Haiku allows you to use is Creative Commons), your own photos from Camera Roll and cloud services. You can choose from 3 different graphs, and solid colours. The layout button lets you choose what layout your title, sub-headings, paragraphs can be.


You can export your Haiku Deck through major cloud services, links, Keynotes or PowerPoint, or PDF.

The Good

You can export your deck to other formats which I found really suprising because usually you need to upgrade through In-App Purchases. It looks great and fun to use. Haiku Deck takes slideshows to another level. 

The Bad

Saving your deck may take a while depending on how big your deck is. 


I would recommend that you should try Haiku Deck if you are looking for something free, simple and fun. It has taken slideshows to the next level. Download Haiku Deck for free on the App Store.

Thanks for reading, more posts coming soon. Mekul


The Best Photo and Movie Apps

Hey everyone! Mekul is back with another post and today I am going to talk about the best Photo apps for iPhone and iPad. So without further ado, let’s get started.

  • Snapseed
  • Probably the best photo app there is on the App Store. The simplicity to use it makes it even better. The options that you have to edit the photos are very good like brightness, frames, contrast, options are very good. The option of frames are broad. This app probably has a lot more features than a free photo app on the App Store. Download Snapseed now from the App Store.

  • PhotoToaster
  • PhotoToaster is a great app, especially when looking for professional filters, frames and FX. There is an FX Brush that allows you to brush in areas of focus and colour, and find that a cool feature. It also has unlimited undo’s which is great because many apps still don’t have that feature. This app is available for $3.99. Download Snapseed now from the App Store.

  • Photo Editor by Aviary
  • I might say that a photo editor is great at filters and frames, and brightness and all that jazz, but really this app is really worth checking out for some features like, red-eye removal, whitening teeth, effects, memes, stickers do drawing features. It is worth checking out and one of my favourites, this app is avaliable for free. Download Snapseed now from the App Store.

  • iMovie
  • Moving on to movies, this app is Apple’s simple video editing app (it isn’t as good as the computer version), it does the job well. This has slow/fast-mo features, trim and split in movie making. You can choose from some great trailers, or movie themes. iMovie is avaliable for $6.99. Download iMovie now from the App Store.

    Thanks for reading, sorry for not posting, see you later. Mekul

    Box revamps apps UI to iOS 7 and offers 50GB of free storage.

    What a surprise. Ok, not to the apps UI is updated to iOS 7. More and more apps are doing that. But 50GB of free cloud storage is amazing! But put the exciting news to the end.

    Box has revamped the app’s UI to iOS 7 and it looks really good. Nothing has changed, just the UI. Have a look at the photos. Off topic, most people actually dislike the UI of iOS 7. People like iOS 6’s UI. Personally, I like iOS 7 UI because I think Apple has gone for a different approach to their style. Here are some screenshots of Box from the App Store.Box Screenshot 2

    Box iOS 7

    Now lets put the exciting news simply. Yes, 50GB of cloud storage, for free, is available for 30 days only. So be quick. Download Box for free here. That’s it!

    Here is the full update notes:

    ・Completely re-written app!
    ・New navigation and redesigned UI
    ・New preview experience for documents, photos and videos
    ・Faster document rendering and photo loading
    ・Real-time search (for files and within files)
    ・Better sharing and controls
    ・AirPrint, Bookmarks, and savings videos from Box to your library coming in future releases

    Well that’s it folks. Mekul signing off!

    App Santa offers Christmas discount specials to iOS apps


    Christmas is coming around the corner (4 more days…) and people are still doing Christmas shopping. But if your looking for some apps on the App Store, App Santa, a collaborative campaign between a small group of award-winning app developers, launched today, with some great discounts off a handful of apps created by App Santa.

    Get them while you can as these are fantastic prices and these are great apps. List is down below.

    1Password — $9.99
    Tweetbot 3 — $1.99
    Launch Center Pro — $2.99
    Perfect Weather — $1.99
    Clear+ —$1.99
    Calendars 5 — $2.99
    Mileage Log+ — $4.99
    Vesper — $2.99
    Delivery Status — $2.99
    Scanner Pro — $2.99
    PCalc — $6.99
    Day One – $2.99
    Printer Pro — $2.99
    PDF Converter — $2.99
    Screens VNC — $14.99