Haiku Deck: Make slideshows beautifully

It is hard to find a better app other than Apple’s Keynote for presenting slideshows, but today that is going to change. Haiku Deck, a third party app that has a tonne of features that can make your slideshows better. Without further ado, let’s start the review.


This is what makes Haiku great. The first thing that you do when you download this app is creating an account. You can sign in with your Facebook or Twitter account also. Once creating your account you have two pre-installed ‘Decks’ telling you what is Haiku Deck and the app in action. Tap the plus button to make a new deck.


The picture above is the first thing that you will see when you create a deck. On the left you can see you have a text button, picture, layout and notes button. You press the picture button to add pictures off Haiku Deck’s wide selection of photos (all photos that Haiku allows you to use is Creative Commons), your own photos from Camera Roll and cloud services. You can choose from 3 different graphs, and solid colours. The layout button lets you choose what layout your title, sub-headings, paragraphs can be.


You can export your Haiku Deck through major cloud services, links, Keynotes or PowerPoint, or PDF.

The Good

You can export your deck to other formats which I found really suprising because usually you need to upgrade through In-App Purchases. It looks great and fun to use. Haiku Deck takes slideshows to another level. 

The Bad

Saving your deck may take a while depending on how big your deck is. 


I would recommend that you should try Haiku Deck if you are looking for something free, simple and fun. It has taken slideshows to the next level. Download Haiku Deck for free on the App Store.

Thanks for reading, more posts coming soon. Mekul