Ingress comes to iOS

For those who have been waiting for Ingress on iOS (which was only on Android before) will be happy to know that the internet giant, Google has released Ingress on iOS.

The game uses your real location, objects and landmarks around you to provide clues and find ‘mysterious energy’.

Here is the blurb.

A mysterious energy has been unearthed by a team of scientists in Europe. The origin and purpose of this force is unknown, but some researchers believe it is influencing the way we think. We must control it or it will control us.

“The Enlightened” seek to embrace the power that this energy may bestow upon us. “The Resistance” struggle to defend, and protect what’s left of our humanity.


Highlights from the description.

  • The World is the Game – Move through the real world using your iOS device and the Ingress app to discover and tap sources of this mysterious energy. Acquire objects to aid in your quest, deploy tech to capture territory, and ally with other players to advance the cause of the Enlightened or the Resistance.
  • Strategy – The struggle is being played out globally. Track the progress of players around the world, plan your next steps, and communicate with others using an Intelligence map.
  • Form Alliances – The struggle to save the planet spans the entire world. Groups of people acting together can be more effective than individuals acting alone. Cooperation across neighborhoods, cities, and countries will be needed to achieve the ultimate victory.
  • Download Ingress now from the App Store. It supports iOS 5 and up but crashes on iOS 6. Thanks for reading, Mekul.


    iOS 7.1 has been released with new Siri, Touch ID improvements and CarPlay support.

    Hello! Mekul is back with an iOS update! Yes iOS 7.1 is out with CarPlay support, new Siri voices and improvements, Touch ID improvements and much more! It is now available to the public right now, but hold on! Just sit here for a few more minutes and I will tell you a bit more on what Apple has released!

    Jailbreaking and Downgrading

    So, in my last post, I said that an iOS 7.1 jailbreak would be unlikely because of what iH8sn0w tweeted.

    Now, he said that the iOS 7 kernel was patched in the beta of iOS 7.1. It doesn’t look like a jailbreak for iOS 7.1 is going to come out soon. MuscleNerd said on Twitter to stay away from iOS 7.1 if you are a jailbreaker though you can downgrade if you saved your SHSH blobs on your iPhone 4, but if you like to lose your jailbreak, plug in your iDevice into iTunes (evasi0n7 disables OTA by default) and update to iOS 7.1.

    Though we may see a jailbreak for iOS 7.1 because the evasi0n team says they have a few kernels up their sleeves…

    New Features

  • iOS 7.1 features CarPlay support.
  • Siri in iOS 7.1 lets you manually control when she listens by holding down the Home button while you speak and letting it go when you’re done.
  • Touch ID fingerprint reliability has been improved.
  • Camera app has a new ‘HDR Auto’ feature.
  • Photos & Camera tab in iOS Settings has a new ‘Upload Burst Photos’ option.
  • You can now use a new ‘Darken Colors’ option under the Increase Contrast section of the Accessibility tab.
  • The Phone app has a new-look dialer.
  • You can disable Parallax effect independently of other animations when setting up wallpaper.
  • iCloud Keychain is supported in additional countries.
  • iOS 7.1 may come out any day now! Here are some tips!

    Photo Credit: iDownloadBlog

    So, you’re looking forward to getting iOS 7.1. Great! So am I because it is going to have iOS in the Car, new Siri voices and more. Here are some tips.

    1. Save your SHSH blobs

    Yes. If you run into a major bug, and some how you can downgrade back to 7.0.6 (if it is possible, I will write a post on how to do it), then this is the key back home. You may be asking what a SHSH blob is. An SHSH Blob is basically what Apple uses to verify the version of iOS you are running. You might not be able to downgrade to a previous version in the event that you didn’t save your SHSH blobs.

    2. Do NOT update if you want to jailbreak.

    Yes. I will write a post if iOS 7.1 is good to jailbreak and if it is untethered. It is highly unlikely that iOS 7.1 will have an available jailbreak after what iH8sn0w said on Twitter.

    3. Plug your iDevice into iTunes and Download ONLY

    It is especially good if you want to jailbreak, and once you get the green light from me, you can immediately install iOS 7.1. I also recommend that you download iOS 7.1 from iTunes as it will install properly.

    That’s it from me! More posts coming throughout the week. Signing off, Mekul.

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