CES 2015 Update

Hey guys, just a quick update on the Best of CES 2015. I have been on holidays and have had very limited internet connection, though I’m back and you should expect the Best of CES 2015 post late today or early tomorrow.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 unveiled with Fingerprint and Heartbeat sensor

Well, it happened. It was the most anticipated phone that would be presented at the Samsung Unpacked Event 5, the Galaxy S5. The phone is standing out from all the Android phones in the market.


The S4 really isn’t much different to the S5. The back is a bit different though. The fine, glossy back has now been replaced with a soft, dimpled look, which Samsung calls ‘modern glam’

The height of the phone is a little larger but not quite noticeable. Super AMOLED panel has 1080p resolution just like the S4. The processor is a 2.5GHz with 2GB of RAM. It has a 16MP camera with a 4K camera installed.

The phone is water and dust resistance and you can go under water for 30 minutes though I wouldn’t be doing that without a case! It has a gyro, barometer, gesture(IR), finger scanner and heart rate sensor installed.


Samsung is launching with Android 4.4.2 KitKat with Samsung’s S5. There is a new S Health App that uses the new heart rate sensor installed. According to The Verge, the heart sensor is good but the finger print scanner is terrible. The Verge said it is “quite unreliable and virtually impossible to activate one-handed.”

There is a Kids Mode which includes apps and games for kids. There is a Private Mode which shuts off various sections of the S5 and a Power Saving Mode.

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The Verge

That’s it for this weeks post. Now some may realise that I did not do a post last week. I am sorry for that, but I will keep the posts coming! Signing off, Mekul.

Facts About Apple

5 Facts you didn’t know about Apple

1. Smoking near Apple computer voids the warranty.

According to Mac users, their AppleCare warranty was voided due to smoking near computers. Apple employees are instructed not to repair anything hazardous including smoke affected equipment.

2. Apple earns $5,000 a second.

Then $300,000 a minute. Then 18,000,000 an hour and $432,000,000 a day.

3. Apple was founded on April Fools Day.

4. The first Apple Logo featured Isaac Newton


5. Apple odes not make the parts, Samsung does. Apple also gets other companies to assemble the parts, like Pentagon.This is just a quick post for this week. Hang on and I will post more! Mekul

Rumour Time: iPhone 6

Credit: Dani Yako

Rumours, rumours, rumours. We have all made one. Well, rumours on Apple just keep on coming.

First, a new report from a Chinese website, IT168, says that the iPhone 6 will have a 10 megapixel camera with improved filter and a wider aperture. Nice.

Along with the 10 megapixel camera, the iPhone might also have interchangeable resin lenses created by the Japanese company, JSR. This might be true as Apple has a patent for swappable camera lenses. See below.


The new iPhone also might do NFC, and it’s about time. The new iPhone also might have an Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide – or ‘IGZO’ display. It will offer ‘higher reaction’ speed, which will be good for gamers.

Apple also has made a patent for wireless charging. Wireless charging! You must be dreaming! But Apple just makes patents for anything that comes out of their minds. Who knows? It could come with the new iPhone!

Thanks for reading. I will post more rumours soon, for the iPad.

Mekul, signing off.