CES 2015 Update

Hey guys, just a quick update on the Best of CES 2015. I have been on holidays and have had very limited internet connection, though I’m back and you should expect the Best of CES 2015 post late today or early tomorrow.

Thanks for waiting! Mekul


Another Blog Update

Hey Mekul is back with an update on my blog and how it will work now. I will talk about the frequency of my posts and the problems that I have been experiencing.

If you follow my blog you probably should have noticed that I have been uploading posts and you have received an email on my post but has not appeared on my actual blog. I do not know what the problem is and if you have any idea what the problem might be, please do let me know in the comments down below, and I would greatly appreciate it.

Also the frequency of my posts has been improving so I’d like to state that you will be expecting two posts a week, every week.

Thank you for reading, a post is coming very soon. Mekul

Update for Blog

Hey! So this blog hasn’t uploaded a post in a while. I am just giving you a quick little update. First if you didn’t realize, I updated the blog picture and the header. I would greatly appreciate feedback and if you notice that picture isn’t high resolution please do tell me.

I will post more starting tomorrow. I again apologize for not uploading anything.

There will be a new Downloads page coming soon so keep an eye out for that. Also look out for more new posts and new pages. The About page has been updated so that I post every week, maybe more, but do expect one post every week.

That’s about it for this update. Thank you to the followers. You are amazing! Signing off for now, Mekul.