#BendGate: Explained!

Apple released the new iPhone 6 Plus, which had a bigger screen, bigger battery life, thinner at 6.9 mm thick, and it bent. Well actually, unlike the LG G Flex, the new iPhone wasn’t really supposed to bend. 

A small number of iPhone 6 Plus owners have reported that their iPhones have been bending when they have put them into their tight pants front pocket. A YouTuber called Unbox Therapy preformed a bend test on the new iPhone and posted a video on YouTube, and that video went viral extremely fast and thus #BendGate was born. 

There have been tens of thousands of tweets commenting about the iPhone 6 Plus bending issue. Manufactures and bloggers like Kit Kat, LG, Heineken, HTC, etc., have also been mocking Apple about this issue. According to Forbes, the hashtag has been used over 26,000 times! 

If you are concerned about your new iPhone 6 Plus bending, do not worry as this is very unlikely to bend. Try to avoid putting your new iPhone 6 Plus in tight pockets or pants. However, Apple is known for its build quality and you should not have to do that because you are spending a lot of money on what you think is a good phone. You are probably wondering why the normal iPhone 6 is not reported to be bending. It is thinner than the iPhone 6 Plus so it would be easier to bend, right? Well it would be, but the area of the iPhone 6 Plus is bigger making it prone to accidental bending, but if you tried to bend the ikkd

So I explained #BendGate, now you know what it is! Thanks for reading, Mekul!


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