iWatch: My Thoughts

Hey everyone! Mekul is back with some of my thoughts on the highly rumoured iWatch that Apple could be developing. iWatch is rumoured to be working with iOS 8’s new Healthbook app. If you want to read my thoughts continue.

Is it actually going to come out?

Yes. Definitely. I mean it hasn’t actually been officially announced that the iWatch will come out but Apple has picked up two previous Nike FuelBand engineers and presumably are in the iWatch team. Reports have been saying that the iWatch will be going into production. Apple will only make the iWatch’s if people want to buy it.

What do you want it to look like?

I’d like it to be a bit like Samsung’s Galaxy Gear watch because it would have a bigger screen, easier to read information and all that.

How much do you think it will cost?

It is a very complex accessory so I think because of that, around about $150.00 40% to build, 50% for Apple and 10% for the people who build it.

Would you buy it?

Depends. If it only has features for the HealthBook app then no, but if it has features like make phone calls, send messages, play games then yes I would consider it.

Thanks for reading. Mekul


Rumour Time: iPad Pro

It’s Friday, it’s the weekend. We all want to relax, and you can relax with this post! Lets get this rumour on the new iPad started!

The Name

The latest iPad is the iPad Air which derives from the MacBook Air, so what will be next? The iPad Pro? Air 2? iPad 5? Those names are what I think are possible but Apple could have other ideas. (For the rest of the article I am just going to call it the iPad Pro.)

Larger Screen

There are rumours going around suggesting that the iPad Pro could have a 12.9″ screen. I don’t really want that to happen because I think that the iPad size right now is perfect. Any bigger or smaller would be too big.

Laptop Hybrid

As pointed out by Bditw, he mentioned in a comment that he heard rumours of a hybrid iPad. Tim Cook said in the 2012 financial earnings conference call that consumers won’t be interested in buying a hybrid laptop/tablet. I think that might change because Apple has some competition on their hands, especially with ASUS (Check out my CES 2014 where I review the ASUS Transformer Duet). I had a thought about it. Apple should only make it if you can choose it as an optional extra, for maybe an extra… $100?

MacBook Air Touchscreen

Well, I think that touchscreen computers are a threat to iPads because you can do way more on a computer like play computer version Minecraft, Flash Player and you may be able to take out the keyboard and turn into a tablet! So will Mac have a touchscreen? I am not saying that it will but if it will happen and you can choose between between iPad interface and a Mac interface, I am SOLD!