A jailbreak for 7.1.x has been released!

Hey everybody! Mekul is back with a exciting new post, which you probably all know by the title. Yes ladies and gentlemen! iOS 7.1 and 7.1.1 and 7.1.2 untethered jailbreak has been released. Before you jump ahead and download it right now, you need to know some information.

Is it safe?

If you are using Pangu version 1.1 then you don’t have to worry, but if you downloaded the original version, I recommend that you read this. The program that you use to jailbreak your iDevice is Chinese, and I haven’t heard of this program before, which means I would approach with caution. I have heard that the jailbreak is free of malware, but still would approach with caution. On Pangu 1.0, there is a box that is ticked and you should un-tick it because it will install third-party software, like PP Sync. It also uses an expired enterprise certificate, which the evasi0n avoided this due to legal reasons.

How do I jailbreak?

Follow the instructions on Pangu’s english website. You should always make a backup on iTunes first.

What devices are supported?

All devices that support iOS 7.1.x.

When will tweaks and apps be updated?

Most tweaks and apps will be updated soon on Cydia, but there is a shared document made by iAdam1n about all the compatible tweaks.

Click here for the list

What exploits are used?

There are two exploits used, which could of (and possibly planned) been used on an iOS 8 jailbreak but was used on this version of iOS. It will be harder to find an exploit because Apple will likely patch the vulnerability in a future update.

Is this unthethered?

Yes this is an untethered jailbreak.

What third party apps are installed if you check the box?

It installs an app called PP Sync, which is the Chinese version of AppSync. If you don’t know what AppSync is, it is a place where you can pirate apps and sync apps between iTunes which I do not support. PP Sync also causes instability and causes crashes on apps.

I accidentally left the box checked, what do I do?

Karen Tsai has made a tweak called Complete PPSync Remover. Add the repo http://cydia.angelxwind.net/ and search for the tweak.

What is the link?

The site is en.pangu.io and download from the mirrors. I do not recommend that you download Pangu from any other websites than the ones on the site.

That is all from me. Thank you for reading. More posts coming throuout the week. Mekul


Mekul’s iDevice Battery Saving Tips

Hey everyone! Mekul’s back with another post, today on how to save your iDevice’s battery with these simple steps! So, without further ado, let’s get started!


To save some battery life, turn down the brightness to an appropriate level for you to see, otherwise you could be wasting your battery. To set your brightness level on iOS 7, swipe up to Control Centre and set your brightness there, but if you are on iOS 6 or below, go to Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper.

The Loop

To keep your iDevice’s battery fresh, you need to do in what I call ‘the loop’. You should only do this every month or so or when you notice that you’re iDevice is draining battery faster than usual. Charge your iDevice to 100% and then drain it to 0%. Charge it back up to 100% and you are done!

Use Games and Other High Storage Apps Efficiently

Anything like GTA or Asphalt 8 drains your battery fast. So use them only when you need to and close them properly by double tapping the home button, in iOS 7 swipe the app up to close, in iOS 6 hold the app until delete icons appear and close your app.

Keep your iDevice out of Extreme Heat

Your iDevice might overheat and could actually drain your battery because it is trying to keep your device going.

That is it for this post. Sorry I have not been posting a lot, but stay tuned as more posts will be coming throughout the week! Signing off, Mekul.

iOS 7.1 has been released with new Siri, Touch ID improvements and CarPlay support.

Hello! Mekul is back with an iOS update! Yes iOS 7.1 is out with CarPlay support, new Siri voices and improvements, Touch ID improvements and much more! It is now available to the public right now, but hold on! Just sit here for a few more minutes and I will tell you a bit more on what Apple has released!

Jailbreaking and Downgrading

So, in my last post, I said that an iOS 7.1 jailbreak would be unlikely because of what iH8sn0w tweeted.

Now, he said that the iOS 7 kernel was patched in the beta of iOS 7.1. It doesn’t look like a jailbreak for iOS 7.1 is going to come out soon. MuscleNerd said on Twitter to stay away from iOS 7.1 if you are a jailbreaker though you can downgrade if you saved your SHSH blobs on your iPhone 4, but if you like to lose your jailbreak, plug in your iDevice into iTunes (evasi0n7 disables OTA by default) and update to iOS 7.1.

Though we may see a jailbreak for iOS 7.1 because the evasi0n team says they have a few kernels up their sleeves…

New Features

  • iOS 7.1 features CarPlay support.
  • Siri in iOS 7.1 lets you manually control when she listens by holding down the Home button while you speak and letting it go when you’re done.
  • Touch ID fingerprint reliability has been improved.
  • Camera app has a new ‘HDR Auto’ feature.
  • Photos & Camera tab in iOS Settings has a new ‘Upload Burst Photos’ option.
  • You can now use a new ‘Darken Colors’ option under the Increase Contrast section of the Accessibility tab.
  • The Phone app has a new-look dialer.
  • You can disable Parallax effect independently of other animations when setting up wallpaper.
  • iCloud Keychain is supported in additional countries.